Still hands are good hands, right?

Jo riding an unschooled horse in a natural position

Well, yes… and no! As is often the case with riding, it depends. As something to work towards, then yes, hands that appear to be still can be a sign of a well schooled horse and a skilful rider. But if you want a happy horse who enjoys being ridden throughout his career, how your […]

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Deepening connections…

There’s some old horse wisdom that says, “it’s not how you are with horses, it’s how you are…”. It’s an idea that has been around for a long time. Back in the 16th Century, Antoine de Pluvinel (tutor to King Louis XIII of France) recognised how learning to work well with horses through empathy and […]

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Opportunity knocks (but rarely more than once!)

I’ve been thinking about opportunities this week. Back in 1995, shortly after Jo and I moved to Switzerland, we set about the task of getting ourselves connected to the (then brand new) internet.

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Just 3 simple steps to a happy horse and happy rider?

Derek and Charlie having a laugh and a smile (circa 2010, I think!)

Riding horses  in a way that they like can seem so difficult  sometimes. Because it is! Sometimes trying to pretend things aren’t so difficult just gets us into more and more trouble. I mean, take gadgets, for example.

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