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Well, we made it!

Jo, Katy the cat and I have now completed our long awaited house move to Taunton in Somerset.

Partly through necessity (due to the ongoing after effects of our near-fatal car crash) and partly because we both felt it was time to move on to the next chapter of our lives, we closed the doors of The Holistic Equitation Centre at Preston Capes for the last time at the end of February 2021, after 11.5 fantastic (but also very full-on!) years running our own riding school.

So, what’s next? Well, for us this is a new beginning and certainly not the end. Our mission is helping riders and their horses have more fun and happiness in their lives and that’s not going to change. What will be changing is just how we go about achieving that.

If you’ve been following Jo or me for any length of time, you’ll know that we are passionately committed to riding and training horses with understanding, empathy and lightness. And to helping promote, explain and demystify the methods and philosophies that make that possible for other heart-centred riders, just like you.

Part of our reason for leaving  the day to day responsibilities of running a 50-acre equestrian centre behind is to allow us to focus more of our time and energy on expanding and developing our online coaching programme, Schooling Made Simple.

This programme, which we launched last year with a fabulous group of founder members, helps riders all over the world develop a happy, well-trained and cooperative horse who does everything you ask with ease and genuine enthusiasm.

Judging by the awesome feedback we’ve received from our founders, Schooling Made Simple has really hit the spot and we’re excited to finally be ready to start making it available to a wider audience in the next few weeks.

Before that, though, we’re going to be teaching a FREE masterclass on April 9th where we’ll reveal exactly how we make it easy for riders to learn how to apply the principles of lightness with your own horses, so both of you can have more fun and make more rapid progress, even if you have no previous experience in riding this way, even if your horse is less-talented and even if you don’t happen to live where you have ready access to a suitable teacher. 

Go here to register for this FREE event.

We look forward to seeing you there!

14 responses to “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…! ”

  1. Frans says:

    I did not realise, that I have had so much influence on you gues…. 😅

  2. Dawn Camp says:

    Definitely well worth it.

    The content and explanation of your training on your program is awesome

  3. Pat Gillis says:

    I’m so glad to hear you are settled in your new location and ready to offer your much needed guidance to the world of horses….great to know all is well and you’re back at it!
    Wishing you only wonderfully good ch-ch-ch-changes going forward…:-)

  4. Laura Lees says:

    I am needing some face to face lessons when that becomes possible.
    I’ve got three horses at the moment so a lot of stories to tell.
    Thank you for helping us get through Covid with the teachings via zoom and allowing us to think of the future a future of happy horses!

  5. Margaret Warner says:

    I did wonder what had happened. Looking forward to your masterclass. Hope you have settled into your new home 😊

  6. karen corr says:

    Great to hear you are still pursuing your dream and making it reality. Wishing you all the very best 🙂

  7. Anna says:

    Perfect timing to receive your email. Dash and I are really missing the motivation and guidance from our Fridays at Preston Capes so much, we’ll look forward to having a go at learning remotely!!

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