The Essence of Joyful Riding

Riding Training   22nd June 2023     23 Comments

There’s an old saying that there’s always more than one way to bake a cake – but what isn’t said is that the taste it leaves afterwards does depend on whether you’ve included all the right ingredients! 

Our Happy Riding Horse Formula™ explains what you need to make all the progress you dream of, avoid misunderstandings or distress and create a more connected, more joyful, more fulfilling riding experience for both you and your horse.

The recipe itself is pretty simple and it works just as well inside a school or arena as it does out hacking or on the trails.  

If riding your horse is leaving you less than 100% satisfied, it’s probably the one thing you don’t have in your mixing bowl right now that’s causing most of the trouble…

23 responses to “The Essence of Joyful Riding”

  1. Linda says:

    I want to enjoy riding my horse more than I do now.

  2. Karen says:

    Lovely Jo,a good reminder of what I am trying to do and achieve with my boys.
    Thank you

  3. Marie vivian says:

    That vid was really helpful
    Thank you

  4. Irmeli Meland says:

    🙏🏻for that, it can never be said often enough. But it takes time to get to know your horse and for the poor horse to fathom us strange beings. Once you understand, all 3 pillars fall into place. But the last one you have to know, it hurts does not “ come”, your expert knowledge is needed. 🤓💕

  5. Briony says:

    Puts the way to happy riding in a nutshell, Jo

  6. Kristin DeAndero says:


  7. Antoinette says:

    Thanks Jo , it’s a great video. Every thing is so interlinked. I certainly wish I knew all this and what you teach in my younger days. Every horse I see improves under your and Derek’s guidance and resume. Being able to post videos for feedback has been absolutely magic and solved every problem. 😁

  8. liz holmes says:

    Great reminder. Thank you Jo

  9. Jules says:

    Hi Jo
    Loved your video and so much resonated with me. That is my goal each day with both LuLu and Oscar to have fun, make my interactions with them enjoyable for both.
    Your video was engaging and made me si up and listen

  10. Jules says:

    Hi Joy as I have said in my previous communication, I loved your light hearted approach on this video. Now I have watched it again, I am wondering if I am not hearing what LuLu is trying to tell me. I am thinking I need to work on our two way conversation !!

  11. Jules says:

    Hmm sorry I have just changed your name from Jo to Joy – ooops

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