What Type of Rider Are You?

One of the biggest challenges a rider faces in schooling, is finding the balance between being kind and being effective enough to actually improve her horse.  It can often seem like kindness and effectiveness are in direct conflict. But the question is, why can’t you have both? We’ve developed a grid that helps you understand your […]

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Whispers In The Tack Room

dressage horse and rider

In the UK, an appalling scandal has unfolded, capturing the nation’s attention. It’s a tale of one man’s relentless battle against the government, the Post Office, and a colossal software company—all to right an injustice. (And yes, this will have something to do with horses that you’re not going to want to miss. Promise.) Alan […]

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To Absent Friends

The other day I was just hanging out with Magic. He was soaked through and, unusually for him, wrapped in a cosy fleece rug as he’d come in cold and shivering. Not what you expect in July, even in the UK! After getting the phone call that every horse owner dreads “Don’t worry too much, […]

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The Essence of Joyful Riding

There’s an old saying that there’s always more than one way to bake a cake – but what isn’t said is that the taste it leaves afterwards does depend on whether you’ve included all the right ingredients! 

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Dodgy Steering Isn’t A Laughing Matter

If you were driving your car along a narrow lane and needed to tuck into the side so that you and the driver of another vehicle coming the other way could pass each other without incident, wouldn’t you be alarmed if turning the steering wheel suddenly had the opposite effect that you were hoping for […]

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