What Type of Rider Are You?

One of the biggest challenges a rider faces in schooling, is finding the balance between being kind and being effective enough to actually improve her horse.  It can often seem like kindness and effectiveness are in direct conflict. But the question is, why can’t you have both? We’ve developed a grid that helps you understand your […]

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Whispers In The Tack Room

dressage horse and rider

In the UK, an appalling scandal has unfolded, capturing the nation’s attention. It’s a tale of one man’s relentless battle against the government, the Post Office, and a colossal software company—all to right an injustice. (And yes, this will have something to do with horses that you’re not going to want to miss. Promise.) Alan […]

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How to control your very forwards horse – without winding them up in the process!

The other day, Jo was reminiscing about a grey mare she used to ride when she was a teenager. Her name was Holly. The perfect choice, Jo reckoned, since she was a fairly prickly character! Jo recalls, “Holly was a fantastic forwards-thinking horse who jumped like a stag. And since lots of people told me […]

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How to fix a horse who lacks forward

One of the most frequent issues people ask us about is why their horse won’t go forward when they try to school them in the arena. So in this post I’m going to focus on one of the main reasons why that happens and give you some ways to actually fix it.  Now, as soon […]

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Is it really all about working from behind?

The ‘circle of energy’

Is putting all your focus on working your horse from behind really the best way to ride? If you’re like many riders who’ve come to us for help, you’ve probably been taught to think that riding your horse from the back to the front is the ‘correct’ way to do things. And if you hold […]

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