The Joy of Schooling

Riding   10th June 2021     3 Comments

Just playing in the school with Magic. I wasn’t expecting anything worth capturing on video as this was Magic’s first ever outing to a covered arena away from home. (I know, I can’t quite believe that either!) But he felt rather fabulous so I asked Derek to do a bit of filming with my phone.

Apologies for the duff lighting and M’s sandy bottom, not to mention Derek’s finger in the corner. Usually we’d be a bit more organised.
My seat is rather floppy but that’s due to not riding for months while we re-located. The main thing is, I’m not getting in his way, which I would be if I was holding myself in the “correct” position.
I particularly love that little piaffey moment just before we canter. Magic’s idea, not mine but I’m delighted: that’s how the development of super-quality piaffe begins…

3 responses to “The Joy of Schooling”

  1. Susan Thompson says:

    wow that was lovely. Inspirational

  2. Lotta von der Heyde says:

    That’s lovely Jo, I agree really inspirational xx

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