Chloe - a horse who needed help to develop a nice topline

There was a meme going around on social media the other day that caught my eye. It went something like this:

Other people’s horses: “Oh, is that your inside leg and outside rein? OK, I’ll just start collecting myself and getting into a nice frame for you and working on my topline. No worries, you just relax and enjoy yourself and I’ll just carry myself nicely for you!”.

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Over the last few days I’ve been reflecting a lot on why I do what I do and I guess it all goes back to my youth.

Back in the day, “when I were a lad”, I was absolutely hopeless at sport. Sport, in those days, basically meant a quick game of football in the primary school playground, using our jumpers for goalposts.

It was a not a game at which I excelled, something that was quickly noted by my classmates.
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